Why Give Space to Destroy?


Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is not just Baltimore’s Mayor; she is also the Secretary of the Democratic National Committee.  Here she is on video talking out of both sides of her mouth: first, giving violent criminals, “…space to destroy…“, but then later denying she ever said such a thing.  Video recording is such a great reminder for Democrats who all too often pretend they’ve never said the stupid things they so often say.

Progressive Leftists in the Democratic Party have been pushing policies since Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” that kill incentive, squelch economic growth, and destroy individual ambition.

Progressive Left policies have systematically broken down the nuclear family among the poor by incentivizing single mothers to give birth to fatherless children.  In the old days, the shame of out of wedlock pregnancy was a social stigma.  In the day of the Progressive, out of wedlock births are a coming of age rite and a key to unlocking social welfare entitlement “rights”.

The anger of young impoverished men who lack a stable relationship with their biological fathers bears a bitter fruit, and that anger is on full display in Baltimore.  Yet, when the rotten fruit of Progressive Leftist Democrat’s political ideology blossoms before the world’s eyes, Democrats are inclined to talk out of both sides of their mouths.  Just like DNC Secretary, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, they deny they ever planted the seeds of destruction in the first place.

Referring to the Baltimore riots, former NAACP leader, Rev. C.L. Bryant, tweeted this:

The Democratic Party’s policies are coming home to roost.

As mentioned above, C.L. Bryant was a leader in the NAACP, but has since become one of the loudest critics of the Progressive Left agenda of the Democratic Party.

In his documentary, Runaway Slave, C.L. Bryant traces the systematic demoralization of many young black Americans through social welfare programs.  Rev. Bryant shows how Democrats use the carrot-and-stick promise of continuing social welfare programs in exchange for voter loyalty to the Democratic Party.  He compares this welfare for votes system to the master-servant relationship of the slave plantation system.

The violence in Baltimore that is being perpetrated by young black men against business owners, private citizens and law enforcement is clearly the outworking of deep-seated anger, but it defies the racism narrative the Lamestream Media labors to portray.  Baltimore is a city that has been politically dominated by Democrats for decades.  In fact, the city council is comprised of minority leaders, as is 40% of the police force.  The Baltimore riots, clearly, do not fit the paradigm of an oppressed minority group fighting back against a majority ethnic power.  This is simply not the reality of the Baltimore riots.

So, while the violence and anger of the protesters is real, the source of the anger is not what the Lamestream Media racist-narrative peddlers would have Americans believe.  Ginning up story after story attempting to portray the racist schtick is just that – all ginned up.

In Runaway Slave, Rev. C.L. Bryant interviews several prominent black Americans including Lt. Col. Allen West, Star Parker, K. Carl Smith, Thomas Sowell, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson and many others.  This dialogue covers a lot of ground, but one of the most significant topics in light of what is going on in Baltimore this week is how “race hustlers” cultivate a perception among young black American men that their innermost anger is caused by racism.  Instead of honestly pointing out that many of them are angry because they have been abandoned by their biological fathers, the “race hustlers,” capitalize and prey on that anger in order to enhance their own influence and power.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not denying that the ideology of racism exists in America.  There are people of all ethnic backgrounds who believe in the evolutionary myth that there is more than one human race.  Furthermore, many of those who subscribe to the myth of evolution and racism also believe that some “races” are better than others.  It is a logical outworking of Darwinian mythological ideology.

I do not believe in Darwinian evolutionary myth and the racist thinking that logically flows forth from that whole deceptive worldview.

I believe the book of Genesis is the literal recorded history of humanity’s origin.  In the beginning, God created one man and one woman, and we are all descended from those two people – no matter our skin color, or any other physiognomic trait, all of which is determined solely by DNA.  DNA-determined traits have nothing whatsoever to do with an individual’s chosen behavior, beliefs, nor anything else under an individual’s personal control.  A person should never be judged by skin color, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. so eloquently put it, “…but by the content of their character.”

So, while I reject racist ideology, I do not deny that there are those who actually believe – and act on the belief – that there are two or more human races.  Many of the “race hustlers” preach a form of racism that claims blacks are not the same as whites, and that power must be seized by one race from the other.

I don’t see how that racist ideology is any different from, nor any less repugnant than, the racist ideology preached by hate-mongers like Democratic Party member, and leading figure in the Ku Klux Klan, Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Racism is based on a lie, founded in hate, and all forms of it must be abolished by the Truth.

Tim Keller
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Tim Keller loves God, America and his Family. He has taught history, government, speech and writing at the secondary level since 1997.

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