Vote No Prop 1 – Tuesday, May 5


It was the first truly warm Saturday this Spring, but a group of committed citizens rallied in Port Huron to remind their neighbors to Vote NO Prop 1 on Tuesday, May 5.  Though the number who rallied was small, the response of passersby where Interstate 94 meets Port Huron’s main drag on Pine Grove Avenue was HUGE!  One thing was clear to all:  the people of Michigan OPPOSE PROPOSAL 1.  Carloads of thumbs up and honking horns welcomed the message to Vote NO on Proposal 1.

While the message was clear that Michiganders OPPOSE PROP 1 – it will be another thing altogether to Get Out the Vote tomorrow, Tuesday, May 5.  That is exactly what each of us needs to do: call everyone we know to make sure that they get to the polls tomorrow in Michigan to Vote NO Prop 1.

At Saturday’s Port Huron rally (hosted by Blue Water Tea Party), three speakers addressed the crowd with a clear message: turn opposition to Prop 1 into action and Get Out the Vote Tuesday, May 5.

Shane Hernandez opened with a quote from Republican leader, Frederick Douglass, who had been born a slave, but who prayed for freedom.  “I prayed for twenty years, but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.”  The message was clear, we can yearn for freedom from government’s economic crippling twins of over-spending and over-taxation by voting against those dysfunctional financial burdens on Tuesday, May 5.

Former U.S. Congressman, Kerry Bentivolio, addressed the audience wearing a giant pair of scissors like a sword at his side, saying, “The reason I am wearing my scissors today is because I can’t wear it in Washington and Lansing because they are no cut zones.”  Bentivolio drove home the point that lawyers comprise the most influential segment of the population in both capitol cities, and it is lawyers who all too frequently feather their own nests by writing language into bill after bill benefiting themselves at the expense of the people.

Scott Hagerstrom, former director of Michigan’s Americans for Prosperity, and current Director of Grassroots and Strategic Engagement at Say No to Higher Taxes and Special Interest Deals, noted that the groups who support Prop 1 have spent about $8.5 billion trying to secure passage of the lousy proposal.  The most his and other groups have been able to spend fighting the bill is about half a million dollars.  While the big money coming from deep pockets (think the governor’s friends and accomplices) seems monumental in comparison to the small amount of money average citizens have been able to muster, the message is clear in recent polls:  Michiganders oppose Prop 1.  Hagerstrom warned, however, that no one must take polling for granted and voters must show up to Vote NO Prop 1 in the only poll that counts on Tuesday, May 5.

Hagerstrom also referred to an article by the Oakland Press, “Study: Michigan among the bottom 5 states for taxpayer return on investment.”  According to the study, Michigan is 6th in highest taxes paid (out of all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia), but comes in near the bottom of the barrel for services rendered.  Hagerstrom noted that the pro-Prop 1 crowd hysterically parrots the governor, crying that we are in an emergency, and that our roads are a disaster, to which Hagerstrom queried, “Why do we have $6 billion in our rainy day fund…when lives are at risk?”  Hagerstrom also noted that school districts across the state have sent out fliers and other communications supporting the governor’s efforts to secure passage of Prop 1, and that these communications are basically “In-Kind donations of school districts ‘educating’ parents…” and that these contributions could amount to well over $10 million spent by the pro-Prop 1 coalition.  Bear in mind that this is not only unethical, but is a clear violation of state election law.  Public school officials are not supposed to use their public funds to sponsor campaign efforts – including ballot proposals.

Hagerstrom said, “If we have an emergency, I expect legislators to be in session all summer.”  In the meantime, Michiganders need to Get Out the Vote, Tuesday, May 5, and send legislators back to the drawing board.  Voters need to then help shape the debate in Lansing to seek a fiscally responsible solution to the problem that doesn’t pad the wallets of Lansing lobbyists and lawyers at the further expense of everyone else.

Vote NO Prop 1 on Tuesday, May 5.

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