Vote NO on Prop 1 – May 5


On Tuesday, May 5, Michigan voters will determine whether or not Governor Snyder gets his way in demanding Michiganders will pay $2 billion in increased taxes.  Anyone who has taken the time to study the details of Proposal 1 can see why it benefits the special interest groups who have locked ranks with Governor Snyder to push for the deal at the expense of Michigan tax payers.  The devil is in the details, as they say, but the pro-Prop 1 ad campaign does much to obscure the details and focuses instead on using scare tactics.  If one were to drink the governor’s kool-aid, one might get the impression that Michigan’s pot-holed roads are deadlier than the economic growth-killing taxes the governor proposes to impose on all of us in the Great Lakes State.  As pointed out before on this blog, Prop 1 STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN, and Michigan voters need to VOTE NO on Prop 1 on MAY 5.

If you haven’t done so yet, then go to the Say NO to Higher Taxes & Special Interest Deals Facebook page, and hit the like button.  Share the link with your friends via social media, and get the word out that we need to show up at the polls in Michigan on May 5.  Only a relentless effort to remind friends, family and co-workers to Get Out the Vote will defeat this really bad proposed legislation.

For my friends in and around St. Clair County, I invite all of you to the Rally Against Higher Taxes on Saturday, May 2, at the Grove Mall in Port Huron, Michigan.  Scott Hagerstrom from Say NO to Higher Taxes and Special Interest Deals will be speaking as will also former U.S. Congressman Kerry Bentivolio.  Be sure to click the “going” button on the event’s Facebook page, and then hit the “invite” button on the event’s page and invite all your Facebook friends to also attend.  Yard signs will be available at the event so you can remind your neighbors and passersby to Vote NO on election day, May 5.  The more people who attend the event, the more awareness we can raise in our area to remind people to Get Out the Vote.  Its not enough to complain about bad proposed legislation – we must get enough people to the polls who agree with us to vote that bad legislation down.

VOTE NO on Prop 1 on MAY 5.

Tim Keller
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Tim Keller has taught American History, World History, government, writing, speech and related courses at both the high school and college level since 1997.
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