UPDATE: Lawless Man’s Appointee VOTED DOWN


As a follow-up to Monday’s post, thanks to everyone who signed the petition, called their Senators, and DUE TO OBAMA’S OWN LACK OF LEADERSHIP among his own party in the Senate, cop-killer supporter, Debo Adegbile, was NOT confirmed by the Senate.  Presidents do not usually make appointments without first lining up necessary votes among members of their own party in the Senate.  Seven Democrats, however, joined every Senate Republican to vote down the cop killer’s supporter.  Opposition from law enforcement unions as well as the online petition helped pressure the Senate to do the right thing this week.  Bear in mind that this was the first confirmation vote to take place since Sen. Harry Reid secured a Senate rules change that permits Senate confirmation of presidential appointees with only 51 votes instead of the previously needed 60.  Obama couldn’t even get 51 Senators to confirm his appointee, and his party controls the Senate.  The words “Obama” and “Leadership” just don’t go together.

Tim Keller
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