Trump is NOT a Reagan Republican

Trump is NOT a Reagan Republican

Ronald Reagan’s son, Michael Reagan, in a Newsmax TV interview said,

“I think this was one of the best debates they had because Trump was not in the room with his antics…. So, every one of the candidates was able to get their point across…. I think ultimately it will hurt Trump that he didn’t show up at the final debate before everybody caucuses on Monday [in Iowa].”

Dick Morris added, during the same interview that,

“I would not be surprised if Trump is almost knocked out of the race after the Iowa caucuses…. I believe voters know the difference between a rally and a debate.  And I think that the insult of his not appearing at the debate will be significant.  And voters are asking themselves, ‘What if Putin offends him?… Is personal pique and peevishness going to dominate how American foreign policy is conducted?  This is not the way a president of the United States acts.’ “

Michael Reagan previously observed in a Newsmax interview that,

“…you can’t be a Trump Republican and be a Reagan Republican.”

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