#treygowdy4speaker Platform Republicans must defeat the Beltway GOP for control of the U.S. House. Support Rep. Trey Gowdy for Speaker of the House because we've had enough spineless weasels sell us out for far too long. Make this hashtag go viral: #treygowdy4speaker

This is where I first saw this post by Day of the Eagle @Nottinghams1  Awesome hashtag, Day of the Eagle.  I want to help you make this hashtag go viral!

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  1. when are we going to have freedom of medicine & freedom of medical modality, covered by government programs.

    • Tim Keller LifeandLiberty76 // January 11, 2015 at 12:20 pm //

      @JamesEddiey First, if by “freedom of medicine” you mean “socialized medicine” then answer this question: When has socialized medicine NOT granted government bureaucracies and politicians more power to control medical options available to individuals and their doctors?

      For example, Obamacare has already forced me personally to consent to his oppressive law or to lose the ability to visit my own personal doctor. See this post for details: http://www.lifeandliberty76.com/consent-or-else/

      Second, what in the world does your question even have to do with the topic of this post?

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