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Americans witnessed this week our elected representatives in Congress dance to a different tune than the rest of the country is singing.  While Americans jammed the Capitol switchboard urging Congress to elect a new Speaker of the House to replace John Boehner, only 25 members of Congress actually demonstrated the courage to buck the wishes of the House leadership, and to instead vote the will of the People.  We the People have become sick and tired of those who would trample our Constitutional rights, and ignore the Principles of Liberty upon which the Constitution is based.  And We the People are becoming increasingly aware of who is willing to stand strong on principle and who will bow down to the will of special interests in both Washington, D.C., and in our home state capitols as well.

While John Boehner is busy doling out consequences to those who stood against his business-as-usual politics in D.C., a similar purge is taking place in Michigan’s capitol.  Michigan Senate Majority Leader, Arlan Meekhof, has chosen to punish Constitutional stalwart, Sen. Patrick Colbeck, who has repeatedly stood on principle rather than bow to GOP party leadership when it strays from the Principles of Liberty.  For example, during the battle over Medicaid Expansion, Sen. Colbeck refused to bow to Gov. Snyder’s wish to do Obama’s bidding.  As this blog has previously pointed out, the Medicaid Expansion was part of Obama’s plan to impose his socialized health insurance scheme on America, and it was GOP leadership in Lansing who made that happen here in Michigan.  Instead of invoking 10th Amendment authority to oppose the Medicaid Expansion, GOP state congressional sell-out leaders voted with Democrats to do Obama’s radical bidding.

Sen. Patrick Colbeck stood on principle and refused to cave in to the GOP party leadership’s demands.  While others swayed under the arm twisting and back room deal making, Sen. Colbeck stood firm.  Sen. Patrick Colbeck is a Platform Republican who is not afraid to stand up to the Beltway GOP’s efforts to feather their own nests at the expense of the Principles of Liberty.

Now, just like John Boehner seeks to punish those who chose loyalty to the Constitution over partisanship, so too Michigan Senate Majority Leader, Arlan Meekhof, apparently seeks to punish Sen. Patrick Colbeck by refusing to re-assign him to any committee chairmanship.  During his previous senatorial term, Colbeck had overseen the State Police and Department of Military and Veterans Affairs budget of the Appropriations Committee.   Not only did Meekhof not assign Sen. Colbeck to any senate committee chairmanship, but he actually assigned some freshman senators to chair two senate committees.

This is how the Boehner-Meekhof-Business-As-Usual GOP gets things done.  It honors those who play by the Good ol’ Boys’ rules and dishonors those who actually uphold and defend the Constitution from those who are radically transforming America.

We the People must continue to turn up the heat on those in Lansing and D.C. who seek to ignore and trample the Principles of Liberty.

Tim Keller
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