Medicaid Expansion’s Long Division


Obamacare required Americans to fund abortion with their tax dollars. That was one of many reasons Michigan’s grassroots activists worked so hard to elect a Republican majority to every branch of state government in 2010. The 2010 election was historical, and it delivered a mandate to our elected officials: invoke our state’s 10th Amendment rights and REPEAL OBAMACARE. This was hammered into the Republican Party Platform as one of its most critical planks at both the state and national level.

Michigan Republican leadership defied that mandate.  Obama played the game of carrot and stick promising federal dollars to Michigan if Gov. Snyder could secure passage of the Medicaid Expansion.  Snyder jumped at the offer, and sent his Lieutenant Governor, Brian Calley, to arm twist weak-willed Republicans into supporting it.  Calley, and the highest ranking Republicans, ACTUALLY DIVIDED THE PARTY and rammed Medicaid Expansion through the legislature to the Governor’s eagerly waiting pen that moved to Obama’s beck and call instead of standing strong on one of the most crucial planks in the Republican Party Platform.

All of this was done in violation of the Hastert Rule (the informal rule that majority leaders should never bring a bill to a vote if they can’t win a majority of their own party’s support for it).  One glance at who voted for and against the Medicaid Expansion in the House and Senate clearly demonstrates how Snyder and Calley DIVIDED THE REPUBLICAN PARTY in order to pass the Medicaid Expansion.

Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley not only helped lead this divisive push to pass the Medicaid Expansion, but he actually had the gall to declare it was, “…a victory for those who are lovers of liberty.”

Mr. Calley’s statement turned reality on its head.

For this, and many other reasons, Mr. Calley’s incumbency has been challenged by Wes Nakagiri. And now that the writing is on the wall for Mr. Calley’s time in office, state party leaders are desperately calling for party “unity” in an attempt to help their hand-picked favorite win at State Nominating Convention, on August 23. They claim we should unite behind Mr. Calley because he helped the governor balance the budget and pass Right to Work. Those were good plays, but Calley’s dividing the party to pass Medicaid Expansion was the major error that lost the game.

Brian Calley dropped the ball and helped Obama knock a grand slam over Lady Liberty’s head.  Some victory, eh?

That’s why it’s time to change the batting lineup and send Mr. Calley to the bench where, instead of thinking about his own re-election, he may rethink the team’s goal (i.e. standing on the party platform).

Wes Nakagiri is a Platform Republican, and the Beltway GOP know it. Beltway insiders are afraid of Wes Nakagiri’s election because Beltway GOP have become comfortable doing the bidding of special interests in Lansing and D.C. who dazzle their eyes with shiny baubles. Men like Obama tell them to jump, and they respond, “How high?”

That is why Platform Republicans are moving to change party leadership where it can be changed.  That is why Platform Republicans are working hard to nominate Wes Nakagiri as Michigan’s next Lieutenant Governor.

Wes Nakagiri aims to unify the party by upholding the party’s platform – especially its most crucial planks, including the calls to REPEAL OBAMACARE and STOP COMMON CORE.

Delegates, or their alternates, elected to participate in the Michigan Republican Party State Nominating Convention, this Saturday, August 23, will have the opportunity to nominate Wes Nakagiri as Michigan’s next Lieutenant Governor.

But you don’t have to be a delegate or alternate to attend the nominating convention. Anyone may show their support for this man of integrity on Saturday and remind leaders of the Michigan Republican Party what the platform stands for and why.

Register as a guest to Saturday’s convention and send a clear message to every elected official in the Michigan Republican Party to REPEAL OBAMACARE and STOP COMMON CORE!

Tim Keller
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