Lois Lerner: Obama’s Deceitful Pit-bull


I am sick to death of Obama’s cheerleaders and mindless fools dismissing tyrannical incident after tyrannical incident as being excusable for this, that, and the other “reason.”  IRS attempts to silence political dissent via intimidation, harassment, and financial punishment is tyranny.  That is spelled T-Y-R-A-N-N-Y for those too blind to see a tyrannical administration for what it is.

Today the House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform released its report on Lois Lerner’s Role in IRS Targeting (read the full 141 page report here).

The report is a damning indictment to say the least.  Oversight Committee Chairman, Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), is quoted on the committee’s website stating,

“In the wake of Ms. Lerner’s refusal to testify and answer questions, this report offers detailed evidence about steps she took to crack down on organizations that exercised their Constitutional rights to free political speech…. She involved herself in efforts to apply unprecedented scrutiny to new applicants, existing organizations, and to write new rules after President Obama and other prominent Democrats expressed outrage at the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.  Finally, the report presents evidence that Ms. Lerner misled Congress about targeting and her own conduct.”

Having stomped all over the Constitution’s First Amendment provision to protect Americans’ God-given rights to free speech for political dissidents, Lois Lerner had the gall to invoke the Constitution’s Fifth Amendment, and refused to testify as to her role in violating the Constitution.  Rather ironic isn’t it, that the Obama Administration’s pit-bull can dole out the punishment, but when it comes time to receive the consequences for her inexcusable behavior she opts to hide behind the very document she shredded.

What an ugly, gutless, manifestation of TYRANNY!

President Barack Hussein Obama is a tyrant presiding over a tyrannical administration.  The only reason more Americans are not decrying Obama’s abuse of power is because the Lamestream Media – which is supposed to function as the Republic’s watchdog, reporting abuse of power – is in lock-step with the administration’s political ideology.  Lamestream Media refuse to report anything other than what they want the general public to think and know.

It is time more Americans rejected the Big Media Industry altogether.  Change the channel.  Cancel the subscription.  Turn the radio dial.  Quit feeding the beast.

Most importantly: get active politically.  Become a Precinct Delegate and take back the parties.  As Glenn Beck points out all the time: There are more of us than there are of them.  There are more of us who seek to uphold and defend the Constitution, than there are those who seek to trash it.

Tim Keller
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