Let Us Pray … for Syria

[Jihadist: "No one will shoot him now, do you understand? He will not be killed by shooting because it is [too] merciful for him."

President Obama’s weak foreign policy has made life miserable for millions of people around the globe.  Liberty’s foes are emboldened.  Militant radical Islam is crushing moderate muslims, Christians and others under the boot of jihadist vigilante tyranny.  For example, on Monday, March 3, 2014, Walid Shoebat posted a video on his website of a group of heavily armed Syrian jihadi rebels who surrounded an unarmed Christian, forced him to speak the Islamic creed, and then declared he didn’t really mean it.    They then beheaded him anyway after their leader announced that, “No one will shoot him now, do you understand?  He will NOT be killed by shooting because it is [too] merciful for him.”

Brutal doesn’t begin to describe what they did to this man.

Those who strictly follow Islam (as literally taught in the Quran and the Hadith) know that it is not a religion of peace for those who reject it. Have you ever wondered why Biblical End Times prophecy describes the mass beheadings of followers of Christ? Although it is prophesied that it will occur, we have not yet seen a global government institute this particular punishment as prophesied.  True Islam – as practiced by its founder – allows ZERO room for a peaceful response to those who reject it.

Walid Shoebat shares the truth the Lamestream Media (LSM) refuses to publish about jihadist tyranny. People need to know the whole truth, not just the palatable portions. Reality has a hard way of slapping us even though we wish it wouldn’t. Wishing away reality never prepared anyone for dealing with it in any truly effective manner. And people need to be prepared to deal with the reality of jihadist tyranny.  It is on the ascendancy, not a decline, on a global scale.

Gird yourself with the Truth. Fix your eyes on Jesus Christ. As Walid Shoebat rightly advises, recite the Lord’s Prayer when the moment of crisis finds you (more importantly, turn to Jesus Christ BEFORE the moment of crisis). Fix your eyes on Christ. Do not betray Him for any reason, not even the promise of being let alone instead of facing a brutal punishment.

The worst the enemies of Christ can do to you will pass. Jesus Christ will never pass away. Put your trust in Him.

One last thing, especially in light of those who claim opposition to Islam is some sort of bigotry.  We must not only pray for those who are being persecuted, but we must pray for those who are persecuting the body of Christ. I pray that God brings this victim’s murderers to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Let me be blunt to drive home the point: the Lord’s command to pray for those who persecute us is repulsive to me instinctively. The sinful nature rebels against this command. But I can honestly say (I used to work with juvenile delinquents some of whom could be quite malicious at times) that I’ve been spit on, and cursed with every name in the book (and some very creative ones I’d have never dreamed up on my own – human creativity is amazing). I know what it means to want to hate someone, to pray for God’s help not to hate, and then instead to obey His command to specifically pray for those whom I would instinctively hate; and I’m talking about a very deep urge NOT to pray at times like this that must be over-ridden in obedience to Christ’s command.

At such times I came to know the miraculous power of receiving God’s love for someone.  True urgings to hate were noticeably replaced with genuine Godly love for the person – not always immediately, but always – over time – God’s love replaced the instinct to hate.

What I am describing defies human instinct. Christ’s command to pray for those who persecute us is one of the most powerful – yet counter-intuitive commands – in scripture. It is, honestly, the hardest command for me to obey. But when I have obeyed it, God has unleashed his love.

This might not be the way to drive up the ratings on a blog that is dedicated to promoting the Principles of Liberty and which follows the political scene, but here goes anyway:  Let us pray for Syria.

God, please save the Muslim jihadists who are persecuting Christians in Syria. God, please shield and protect the Christians in Syria from the evil one’s attacks (both seen and unseen). God, please unleash your love on Syria and save the people of Syria. Free us in America from the increasing tyranny imposed by President Obama and his radical administration.  Bring America back to the Principles of Liberty that once made America great.  All this I pray in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and by the power of His atoning blood. Amen.

Revelation 12-11 KJV

Tim Keller
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