Kim Shmina for MIGOP State Chair


I have had the privilege to get to know Dr. Kimberly Shmina over the past 5 years as a fellow Precinct Delegate in St. Clair County.  Both Kim, and her husband Michael, were members of a coalition of Tea Party, Campaign for Liberty, and long-term party member Reagan Conservatives, who worked together to make our own county GOP more responsive to grassroots conservatives.  We have worked to turn out more conservative votes in our county and have successfully recruited and helped elect conservative candidates.  We have helped organize more grassroots conservative political activists who are increasingly adept at using social media, face to face networking, and other means to increase impact with voters.  All along the way, I have been impressed with Kim Shmina’s efforts to get more conservatives involved in the political process for the better of our county, our state, and our nation.

We need more good folks involved because our Republic’s success or failure depends on our efforts to rescue it.  Kim Shmina is a Platform Republican who has helped lead the effort to promote the Principles of Liberty in our county.  I know she will use the same skills she has developed here in St. Clair County to promote more effective involvement within the Michigan Republican Party.  Dr. Shmina’s understanding of how to cure what ails the State GOP is 100% accurate.  My hope is that delegates to state convention will elect Dr. Shmina to make this state party stronger than ever.

Saturday’s election is a three-way race, and it is highly likely that this race will come down to a second ballot (if West Michigan Politic’s reported poll is accurate*).  I will not be surprised if the second ballot is a choice between Ronna Romney McDaniel and Dr. Shmina.

No matter who wins that run-off, there must be one significant and crucial outcome: we, as members of the Michigan State GOP, must lay to rest former habits of vilifying those who supported candidates other than our own.  Previously, we have wasted a lot of time and energy bandying about labels condemning those who endorsed candidates other than their own favorites.

FOR THE RECORD:  I have good friends who have endorsed Norm Hughes, and I have good friends who have endorsed Ronna Romney McDaniel.  I refuse to label any of them “sell-outs” or “RINOs” or whatever other label just because they have endorsed someone I hope Dr. Shmina beats for state chair.  WIN OR LOSE I refuse to fall into the trap of castigating someone who endorsed Norm Hughes or Ronna Romney McDaniel for state chair.  Those friends are my friends, and I intend to maintain those friendships.  The enemies of the Republic are legion, and they are not my friends in the Michigan Republican Party. I will  not condemn my friends who support Norm or Ronna.  Period.  Please do not let anyone tempt you with that pitfall.  It works against our efforts to overcome the real enemies of the Republic.

Let me explain using an analogy from martial arts.  My family and I are all practicing martial artists of Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwon (the same school of martial arts in which Chuck Norris obtained his first black belt).  We train to fight for self-defense.  As such, we spar fellow martial artists and when I spar I fight to WIN within the rules governing our matches.  As a rule we show respect to each other when entering the ring and demonstrate trust to each other by bowing with our eyes looking at the floor (according to our Korean martial art’s tradition – staring at one’s sparring opponent is a distrustful show of disrespect).  But when the ring judge gives the Korean command to begin WE GO ALL OUT AND FIGHT TO WIN.  I expect my best from myself, and I expect my opponent to go all out as well.  And in the true spirit of Tang Soo Do, when the sparring match ends – WIN OR LOSE – a true martial artist will high five or tap gloves with his opponent, and congratulate him on a match well fought.  I have done this even when I was sure on one occasion that my opponent – who was as tall as I (6’3″) had broken my ribs.

I expect my friends to fight to win.  I hope they expect the same from me and the candidate I’ve endorsed.  I expect a clean fight.  I expect a fair fight.  And in the end, may the BEST WOMAN (or man; yes, I’m biased) WIN!  Let’s not get into the post-election blame game.  It is counter-productive and distracts from what is relevant.

I hope you will support Kim Shmina for State Chair.  I’ve watched her fight the good fight for the Republic and the Principles of Liberty first hand.  Dr. Kimberly Shmina is the real deal.  The people she has surrounded herself with – and will surround herself with when elected Chair – in the race for chair are the type of people who will help lead this state to victory in reclaiming the Republic from those who would trample the Principles of Liberty.

Elect Kim Shmina for State Chair.


*Keep in mind, folks like me who despise pre-election polls, did not respond to the survey, and folks like me are in the ring for Kim Shmina.  The only poll that counts is Saturday, and I hope you’ll join the rising tide of Kim Shmina supporters who are flying under the radar.

Tim Keller
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