Keep Calling – Urge Your Representative to VOTE NO on HR 5 and Urge Your Senator to VOTE NO on S 227


Does it matter that testing agencies want to collect “data from your child?

Last week I wrote about some of the problems with H.R. 5, or the so-called “Student Success Act.”  Although from what I have read, some of the language that alarmed me is current law, I was – and still am – concerned about the proposed bill’s establishment of the office of “obmudsman”.  My chief complaint is that this bill ushers in sweeping change (it is 600+ pages in length), and I think it is incumbent upon our members of Congress to take the time to educate the public extensively as to why they believe they should pass it in the first place.

We have been burned so many times by huge bills (who has the time to read them?) that Congress needs to earn our trust back.  How can they do that by passing huge bills, in a short amount of time, without giving the public ample time to examine the bills and, at the very least, give us time to talk with our representatives (preferably in a public forum – townhall style) to find out why they support such sweeping changes?  Isn’t that the whole point of referring to these elected officials as “REPRESENTATIVES” in the first place?

Therefore, I urge readers to continue contacting their elected representatives to tell them to Vote No on H.R. 5.  I have also been reminded by some tireless education watchdogs that there is another bill pending in the U.S. Senate that is every bit as much a threat to educational freedom and that is Senate Bill 227 (or S. 227), also known as the “Strengthening Education Through Research Act” or SETRA.

According to an article by Chascherrie at the Truth in American Education blog:

“SETRA is dangerous legislation that would expand federal psychological profiling of children through expanding research on ‘social and emotional learning,’” said Jane Robbins, Senior Fellow at American Principles in Action.  “It would facilitate sharing of education statistics across states and agencies. It would continue to rely on the now-gutted FERPA statute to protect student data. SETRA must be defeated to protect student privacy rights.”

Read more about the bill at that site.  Suffice it to say that the Right to Privacy is undermined by this bill.  What kind of data will be collected, to be used by whom, and WHY?

We need to keep the pressure on the Senate to stop S. 227, and we need to keep the pressure on the House to stop H.R. 5.  The following post is still pinned to the top of the Stop Common Core Michigan page on Facebook.  I can only assume, therefore, that we need to keep the heat on Congress to stop these two bills.

Keep it up.  We can make a difference!

UPDATE on H.R. 5 (3-2-15 @ 11:29 a.m.):  Politico ran this story Friday afternoon about the House putting H.R. 5 on hold for now.  The bill isn’t dead, though.

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