Kasich Ridicules Opposition to Common Core as “Hysteria”


While some voters consider John Kasich’s performance in last week’s GOP debate in Detroit as cause enough to vote for him, his record as Ohio’s governor reveals that Kasich supports Common Core, and that he did Obama’s bidding by helping secure passage of Medicaid Expansion through the Ohio state legislature. Not only does he support Common Core, but he’s gone so far as to ridicule Ohio citizens who have voiced opposition to it.  Kasich has referred to Common Core resistance as hysteria.

The American Principles Project – a conservative organization leading opposition to Common Core – scored the presidential candidates, and at the bottom of the barrel were Jeb Bush and John Kasich who both earned an F for their pro-Common Core stance.

Among GOP presidential contenders, Ted Cruz takes top prize in his opposition to Common Core — at least according to the conservative American Principles Project, which strongly opposes the standards. Along with Cornerstone Policy Research, it gave Cruz an A- on its Common Core report card in August [http://bit.ly/20Xy2TW]. Emmett McGroarty, director of education at the project, says in an updated recap that, “On the stump, Cruz has consistently called for the ‘repeal’ of the Common Core Standards and for the return of educational control to the state and to the local level.” Donald Trump and Ben Carson each earned a B- on the report card, Sen. Marco Rubio had a C, and Jeb Bush and John Kasich were at the bottom with F’s.

Kasich supported the Medicaid Expansion and Common Core in Ohio.  If he capitulated to Obama on these Progressive programs, where else would he compromise as president?  We can’t afford to jeopardize our children’s future by electing another Progressive in Conservative’s clothing.  Say NO to Kasich tomorrow because Michigan can do better than that.

Vote for a known Conservative fighter.  Vote for Ted Cruz tomorrow at the polls.

Tim Keller
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