I Support Israel


This was my Facebook post today, and it is my policy on the growing anti-Jewish hatred around the world and even the White House.

I just blocked a Twitter follower because of his anti-Jewish statements. If you share his sentiment, then do us both a favor and un-friend me on FB because that is already the nature of our relationship in deed.

That stance has cost me friends in face-to-face contexts as well as social media before, and it won’t change me when it rears its ugly head again. This is real simple math: whoever blesses Israel is blessed. Whoever curses Israel is cursed.

If you want to go the way of Balaam, who had a jackass tell him he was utterly foolish for his anti-Israeli stance, then that choice is on you and your conscience and your ultimate existence. As for me, I will go with God’s unequivocal pronouncement as spoken through the fool lips of Balaam despite himself through whom God prophesied, “May those who bless you [Israel] be blessed and those who curse you be cursed!”

Tim Keller
About Tim Keller
Tim Keller has taught American History, World History, government, writing, speech and related courses at both the high school and college level since 1997.
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