Hillary’s Lies Don’t Add Up


Listening to the Sean Hannity Show’s livecast of the Hillary Rodham press conference today, I just shook my head.  To defend her illegal use of a personal e-mail account for official business as Secretary of State, Hillary actually claimed that she did not want more than one e-mail account because she didn’t want to have to carry two phones.

As I continued listening to the radio show – ON MY SMARTPHONE (and still listening to her lying lips lie during the press conference) – I posted the following to one of my Facebook pages:

Welcome to the 21st Century, Hillary.  Like there wasn’t some 18 year old intern at the State Department who could show you this stuff?

Does anyone really believe that Hillary believes that we believe her?

C’mon!  How can Hillary actually expect the American people to seriously consider her as our next Commander-in-Chief?  (The current liar-in-chief notwithstanding.)

In an age when Breitbart.com can remind a public figure of what they said just a few weeks ago, there should be no room for public figures not to be held accountable.  Then again, that’s assuming that the American people in general are intelligent enough to stop feeding at the Lamestream Media trough and seek out better sources of information.

Tim Keller
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