Hey Dawkins, Just Shut Up!


Yes, I’m intolerant of idiotic ideas, and Richard Dawkins is full of them. This past week, Dawkins, the outspoken anti-Christian evolutionist, actually said a person should murder their child in utero if the baby has been diagnosed as having Downs Syndrome.

Sarah Palin was one of many parents of children with Downs Syndrome who posted pictures of their families on social media denouncing Dawkins’ stupid, hateful call for open murder of people who have Downs Syndrome.

I was drawn to this cute picture (above) of Trig and Sarah Palin spending time together. It made me think of the times my wife and I share with our own children. I am so glad Sarah Palin did not sacrifice Trig on the altar of eugenic perfectionism.

The eugenicists of today, like Richard Dawkins the evolutionist, believe the human race should be purged of what they consider “genetic misfits” (e.g. individuals with downs syndrome) and those who are not “economically viable” (e.g. children born into poverty). These people are no different ideologically than their forebears in Planned Parenthood (its founder, Margaret Sanger wanted to ethnically cleanse America via genocide against Americans of non-white skin pigmentation), and the leaders of the National Socialist German Workers Party, whose leaders sought to eradicate people of Jewish descent, mentally retarded individuals, and others they deemed unfit to live.

Genocide is the systematic murder of a group of people. Dawkins advocates genocide of those he deems unfit to live. He shares that homicidal distinction with racists of the early 20th Century.

Margaret Sanger and Adolf Hitler advocated mass murder as necessary to rid the human “race” of those they deemed to be less than perfect and/or a threat to those whom they deemed as perfect, or more near perfection. Let me state here, by the way, that I reject the concept of human “races.” All people are descendants of the same man and woman as recorded in one of the earliest historical texts – the Jewish book of origins, “Genesis.” According to this historical text, there are no separate “races” of humanity.

Obviously, those who advocate the open murder of whole groups of people based on some “imperfection” or “racial” trait are in error and threaten the safety of those they target with their mission to reshape other people in their own warped view of perfection.

These folks missed the memo on the Creator’s stated view of perfection (i.e. the Son of God himself, Jesus the Messiah). They also missed the memo regarding the only means of salvation for the descendants of Adam and Eve: Christ’s work on the cross (thus nullifying sin’s power to condemn), and his resurrection from death, (thus overcoming death itself). There is no other way to perfect any single one of us than to accept salvation through the one who overcame sin and death, Jesus who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Reject the culture of genocide. Reject evolutionary perfectionism’s implicit lies of racist ideology.

We cannot evolve ourselves. That’s a racist myth. We cannot fix ourselves. Only God can do that … if we let him.

Playing God … trying to perfect the human condition by sheer manipulation of who is allowed to live and who is doomed to death by decree, is a sure fire way to land oneself in hell.

I assume Hitler is burning in hell right now. Richard Dawkins will join him soon unless he turns away from his own personal little war against God.

If that statement bothers you, it is probably because so few people talk that way anymore (except Jihadists). It wasn’t always like that. But then again, Ferguson didn’t happen every day either. Neither did 9-11. Nor did we used to murder babies in utero. Last I knew, Americans have outdone Hitler by 5 to 1. Hitler oversaw the systematic murder of 11,000,000 civilians. Americans have murdered 55,000,000 civilians in the womb.

Tim Keller
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