“Fluke” OR … Ingenious Check on Power?


Following a Facebook post in which I promoted Monday’s article, “Want Unity? Uphold the Platform!“, someone remarked that Michigan’s State Constitution contains a “fluke” that permits Republican Party delegates to elect the party’s candidate for Lieutenant Governor at State Nominating Convention.  Here is my response to that erroneous view of principle of Liberty technically known as a Check on Power.  As Thomas Jefferson ingeniously observed, “Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone.  The people themselves, therefore, are its only safe depositories.”

It’s not a fluke to retain the power in the hands of the people under the constitution as opposed to concentrating power in the hands of one man alone. A lot of American blood has been spilled since 1775 defending a right this individual referred to as a “fluke” (a.k.a. the principle of popular sovereignty and checks on power). If an individual does not like the state constitution as it is written, then that individual should work to convince enough Michigan voters to enact change via due process to amend it.

There’s a reason this so-called “fluke” has been around for over half a century in Michigan.

Is anyone surprised that an attempt to check abuse of power has run into so much opposition from those in power?

Grassroots conservatives are fed up with Lansing’s business as usual mentality, and the sentiment being expressed by some that we should just “fall in line” like faithful little underlings just isn’t helping the establishment build the case to justify their retention of power. In fact, this sentiment specifically has only swelled the ranks of grassroots activism in Michigan and it helps grassroots activists to recruit those willing to stand up and declare “enough is enough.”

The so-called “fluke” in question was written into the state constitution for  such a time as this.  Thank God someone had the foresight to draft that clause.  Thank God there were those who ratified the state constitution with that clause providing the people this powerful check on power.

Is anyone surprised that an attempt to check abuse of power has run into so much opposition from those in power?  Imagine what it would be like to fight the powers that be without this peaceful, legal lever specifically designed to check power!

Some of my friends who grew up under tyrannical regimes can tell stories of what happens when the people are denied such legal, and peaceful, means to challenge power. What I find so telling are the lengths to which some men will go in order to avoid a fair fight. Such actions speak volumes as to the utter lack of confidence these men have in their own ability to articulate reasonable justification for their own questionable political actions.

At that point in the thread a comment was made to the effect that nothing good could come from Wes Nakagiri’s challenge to the incumbent Lieutenant Governor.  Which then compelled me to respond:

Plenty of good already has come from the Lieutenant Governor’s race.

That is because competition breeds excellence.

That is a truth understood by the proponents of free economics (as opposed to the lack of economic understanding crony capitalists embrace). The Lieutenant Governor’s race has swelled the ranks of precinct delegates across Michigan’s counties mainly with conservative minded individuals. Team Calley, by and large, recruited from the same demographic as did Tea Party activists like me. We need those folks activated going into 2016.

Our nation is in the fight of its life. We need conservatives focused on elections like never before. So, as long as the establishment doesn’t completely turn these folks off by engaging in too many good ‘ol boy election rigging shenanigans, then the conservative cause benefits. And even those shenanigans may be the eye opening event some folks need to see in order to finally wake up. Of course, if one’s goal is, “May the best man win,” then good comes from the August 23 State Nominating Convention.

However, if one embraces good ‘o boy-ism, then Saturday will be the slap in the face such folks will have only brought on themselves by ignoring principle, ignoring the platform, and ignoring the will of the people.

Tim Keller
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