Donald Trump is Crony Capitalism

Trump IS Crony Capitalism

Trump knows the “art of the deal.” When Trump wants something he gets it.  Isn’t that what he’s bragged about for years?  Isn’t that what has made him so famous?  Talking about politicians Donald Trump has said, “When they call I give, and you know what? When I need something from them they are there for me.”  Trump makes no distinction of principle – he’ll cut deals with progressive liberals from both parties.  He knows – and works well with – Hillary, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell and all the rest of the crony capitalists in D.C. who have feathered their own nests at the nation’s expense for years.  But don’t take my word for it, check out the Donald himself in the video below.

I’ve written earlier this week about the fact that Donald Trump says whatever he needs to say to get what he wants.  James 1:8 declares this truth, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”  That verse summarizes Donald Trump’s vacillation on everything from gun control, abortion, illegal immigration, to caring enough about scripture to quote from, as he referred to it, “Two Corinthians.”  I know some fellow admirers of Ronald Reagan have been duped into supporting Donald Trump’s candidacy for president, but make no mistake about it: they have been DUPED because Donald Trump is NOT a Reagan Republican.  Trump knows what Reagan Republican’s want to hear, so he parrots conservative talking points to win conservative’s support.

Trump’s campaign rhetoric will not translate into a conservative presidency.

There are genuine conservative candidates running for president.  My top three favorite are Sen. Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, and Sen. Rand Paul.  Any one of these conservative men of principle will serve our nation better than Donald Trump ever would.  And let me be plain, I personally am supporting Sen. Ted Cruz.  I am sharing my bias openly with you right now, and I promise you that is not what Donald Trump is doing.  Trump’s bias is Progressive Liberalism and he’s made that plain for years through both his words and his deeds.  He is not dealing openly when he parrots conservative rhetoric. It’s a show, and exactly what I’d expect from a professional showman who’s earned his wealth saying what he needs to say to get what he wants.

Trump wants your vote, but at what cost to our nation?  Don’t force our nation – don’t force my family – to pay that cost because it is more than we can afford.

Tim Keller
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Tim Keller has taught American History, World History, government, writing, speech and related courses at both the high school and college level since 1997.
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