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Why I Support Ted Cruz in 2016

On Twitter, someone parodied two of Donald Trump’s recent quotes:  his reference to “Two Corinthians,”  along with his claim that he could actually shoot someone and still not lose any supporters.

I couldn’t help but tweet back in the vein of Trump’s misuse of biblical books’ titles:

I know … it needs work.  But hey, you only get so many characters in one tweet, right?

In all seriousness, though, many friends have asked, “What do you think of Trump?”  To which I usually respond, “I’m glad he’s talking about things like illegal immigration and our nation’s porous border, but I can’t vote for him.”  I usually get a response like, “Same here.  Glad he’s driving debate, but I can’t vote for him.”  The truth is that Donald Trump has received a lot of media coverage saying things authentic conservatives have been saying for years.  We just haven’t had Lamestream Media’s microphones shoved in our faces to broadcast it.  Trump has focused debate on topics the self-emasculated GOP Establishment has refused to tackle.  I thank Trump for driving the debate, but I CANNOT elect to the presidency a man who does not see his own need for God’s forgiveness.

George Washington and the Founding Fathers understood the doctrine of sin and it affected how they structured our federal government.  It was because they understood their own need for forgiveness that the Founders intentionally hamstrung the federal government dividing it into three separate branches with a built-in system of checks and balances.  They sought to protect the American people from abuse of power because they understood power’s temptations.  They warned posterity (i.e. us) that the Republic would not endure without a moral citizenry who governed themselves first, and who then restrained government confining it within it’s constitutional limits.

So, I cannot elevate to the highest office in the land a man who does not see his own need for forgiveness because such a man is blind to his own failings, and is therefore, a man who is blind to his own limits and his own need for limits.

Matt Walsh wrote an excellent article about this last week: “Dear Christians, If You Vote For a Godless Man, You are Asking for Tyranny.”  Walsh is right, and his article is worth reading.

This is not the time for American Christians to disengage from the governing process.  A lot is at stake in the world that is dependent on how American Christians lead.  Alveda King wrote an excellent article about the duty of Christians to elect good leaders.  She writes:

Some may say that the Bible doesn’t say vote so I’m not doing it. Well, I haven’t read in the Bible that we are to flush the commode after we use it, but I still do it. Seriously. Is anyone getting this?

So we pray in faith and then go to work­—in this instance, vote.

With our votes we can elect godly men and women who will make laws that conform to biblical values.

I will take her point further and say that it is not enough just to vote.  We need to pray for our elected officials, and we need to build relationships with them in order to influence them to do what is right.

There are many good candidates running in the 2016 presidential election.  I will support one who upholds biblical principles, the U.S. Constitution, and who has the necessary leadership skills for the job.  Those are three requirements for president as far as I’m concerned.

While I was impressed with Marco Rubio’s recent response to an atheist about how his faith will affect his leadership, Sen. Rubio lost my support when he sold out on immigration.  Rubio isn’t even in my top three picks because of that despite the fact that he places his faith in Christ.

My top three choices for president are Sen. Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, and at a distant third is Sen. Rand Paul.  Rand Paul comes in a distant third for various reasons, but especially on the issue of foreign policy.  Dr. Carson is a solid man of character, a medical genius, and I hope he is appointed to the next president’s cabinet, but I do not think he has enough experience yet to be the next president.

Sen. Ted Cruz has a solid understanding of the Constitution, and he has a proven track record of defending and upholding it in the highest court of the land.  Ted Cruz is pro-Israel, and he has a solid understanding of foreign policy.  Cruz knows how to articulate foreign policy with clarity and conviction (and as the link at the beginning of this statement demonstrates, he knows how to incisively dissect and lay to rest progressives’ talking points anytime, anywhere; but while he does this effectively and efficiently, he does it with respect.  That’s a rare skill.  Reagan had it, and Cruz has it.).  Sen. Cruz understands that government works best when government is limited, thus freeing individuals to govern themselves.  Cruz is pro-life and pro-second amendment.  For all these reasons – and more – I support Ted Cruz for president in 2016.

Whomever you choose to support for president, though, consider this short statement from Dave Ramsey regarding national elections.

Politicians aren’t JesusWashington doesn’t have the answer to your problems, you do.

Posted by Dave Ramsey on Thursday, January 21, 2016


Bearing all that mind, check out this video and get a better idea of why I support Ted Cruz for president in 2016.

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