Consent! Or Else….


Yesterday I was filling out paper work while waiting to see a doctor at a local clinic.  I came across a line on a form that said something to the effect of, “I consent to release my medical records to my family physician and/or to government agencies…”  I stopped right there, and I pointed out that line to the desk attendant.  I asked him, “What if I don’t consent to releasing my personal medical information to a government agency?” His response came without hesitation – it was automatic, “If you don’t consent, then you cannot see the doctor.”

I said without hesitation – it was automatic, “Man, government sure is getting in our face, isn’t it?” The desk attendant made no response to my politically incorrect remark, but I wondered whether or not he actually agreed with that sentiment beneath the professional demeanor. I decided to have some fun.  I lowered my voice and surreptitiously said, “I predict the development of a black market medical field complete with home visits.”

I’ve got to give that desk attendant credit. He’s got a good poker face … absolutely no response.  He probably thinks I’m crazy, and there’s probably some box he had to check on his desktop computer reporting me as some kind of conspiracy nut-job to some federal agency.

There are a growing number of Americans who are finally waking up to the fact that this is what it’s like when tyranny comes to America.  There’s no loud fanfare.  No crashing cymbals.  No announcements.  No shots fired.  Just a smiling, charismatic leader posing as some sort of underdog who made himself appear as someone who would clean up the mess in D.C. – make government more transparent, and stand up for the little guy.  At least that’s how the Dear Leader portrayed himself to the press.  All the while the Obama Administration is drilling deeper and deeper not only into our wallets, but also into our private communications, our medical data … ferreting out every bit of information about you and me – the average citizen – and for what?

Why should we have to consent to sharing our private medical records with government agencies, in addition to the data collection the government already conducts without our consent and unwarranted by any constitutional authority?

There is a reason millions of dollars are spent on technical hardware and manpower to spy on average Americans.  During an investigation of a criminal, it always helps investigators to find out as much as they can about a suspect.  It helps create a profile to determine things like a suspect’s motivation, habits, patterns, anything that may shed light on what an accused person is up to.  But, what are we – the American people – up to?  Are the American people suspects that our private lives should be pried into by nosy government agents who have no business, and no constitutional authority, to spy on us day in and day out?

So, here I was faced with a choice I innately despised being forced upon me because it is inherently wrong.

The Obama Administration has forced every American, just like me at the doctor’s office yesterday, to make a choice:  to either consent to government agencies having full access to all of our medical records OR to be denied medical treatment.  Do it, or else!

That is TYRANNY in practice.

Lastly, I wondered after yesterday’s visit to the doctor, “How does this new law – Obamacare – square up with the Hippocratic Oath?”  I was surprised by what I read when I searched for it online.  (NOTE: Did you know the ancient Greeks vowed, as part of the oath, not to perform abortions?)  Both the ancient and the modern iteration of the Hippocratic Oath address the patient’s Right to Privacy.  The modern version states, “I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know.”  Rather cut and dried, wouldn’t you say?

But Obama says otherwise.  Interesting sentence, isn’t it?  Obama says.  Kind of like Simon says.  You know what the Latin word for “to say” is?  Dicere.  Same Latin word from which we get the modern word “dictate.”  As in DICTATOR – someone who tells you what to do.

Obamacare tells you what to do, or else….

Tim Keller
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