Columbus [Obama] Day Disease


Columbus Day has become a holiday for leftist class-warfare professors to bash dead white men who they blame for every ill under the sun including the spread of infectious disease to indigenous populations of the New World.  Whole books have been written on the topic.  The line of “reasoning” goes something like this, “Columbus stands as a symbol for Western civilization’s greedy exploitation of indigenous populations in the New World.  In their quest for gold and glory, Europeans imported guns and germs to exterminate whole populations.”  Never mind the fact that infectious diseases were spread unwittingly in America, and that the exchange of disease was a two way street.  Leftist professors will probably take a few minutes today in their classrooms to castigate Columbus as a germ spreading genocidal exporter of imperialism, but most of those professors will remain completely silent about the de facto germ warfare currently being waged on the American population right now by the one man who has the power to directly prevent it.

Barack Hussein Obama is responsible for still permitting the free flow of disease across America’s borders.  Obama’s refusal to place a ban on all emigration from Ebola stricken regions to America – until the Ebola outbreak is contained – is directly jeopardizing the safety of every American.

Yes, the “Columbian Exchange” did result in the spread of germs.  Given the knowledge of the spread of disease in the 15th Century, it is ridiculous to hold Christopher Columbus responsible for the deaths of thousands – even millions – of people due to that unwitting spread of disease.

Given 21st Century knowledge about how infectious disease spreads, coupled with the U.S. Constitution’s clearly stated charge for the U.S. federal government to, “…insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence [and] promote the general Welfare,” it is in direct defiance of the president’s constitutionally-mandated duty that Obama has done nothing to stop the spread of this virulent disease onto U.S. soil by every effective means – including, but not limited to – screening every person before they enter the U.S.

To have sent U.S. defense forces into the plague ridden region is a crime on top of that.

How many cases of Ebola will spring up among U.S. forces as a result of them being sent into harm’s way: and not to defend the U.S. population as defense forces … but … to do what?  Since when is fighting disease a mission of the U.S. military?

Columbus unwittingly spread disease in his lifetime.  He did not know what he did on that score.  And leftist professors would string him up for it if they could.

Obama knowingly continues to permit the free flow of those who potentially carry Ebola onto U.S. soil and has sent America’s armed forces into the plague-ridden region thus potentially opening the door to more Americans being killed by Ebola.

Columbus or Obama: Who really is guilty of spreading deadly disease to North America?  Given the Marxist disease addling the minds of Leftist academia, I doubt those professors can honestly answer that question.

Tim Keller
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Tim Keller has taught American History, World History, government, writing, speech and related courses at both the high school and college level since 1997.
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