Stand with Israel – Voice of Israel Livestreaming Benjamin Netanyahu’s Address to Congress


The Voice of Israel will be live-streaming Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, as he addresses Congress, and the American People, today at Capitol Hill.  Analysis by Voice of Israel is scheduled to begin at 10:00 am (EST), and the Prime Minister’s speech is estimated to begin at 11:00 am (EST), although one source I saw yesterday expected his speech to begin at 10:45 am (EST).  Note this is an audio stream that requires users to login.

Videostream of the Prime Minister’s speech is available via various sources.  Here’s one (personal preference precludes my posting any link to PBS in this post).  UPDATE: I want to watch the videostream with mute on while listening to Voice of Israel’s radio livestream.  Not sure how well the audio and video will sync, but I really don’t care to hear the Lamestream Media’s analysis of the speech.  (LSM talking heads grow wearisome all too quickly.)

Tune in early so you don’t miss it!

UPDATE: (@5:45 pm, March 3, 2015)  If you haven’t heard his speech yet, then here it is:  Netanyahu Speaks for Himself.

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