Arrogant Ambition Trumps Fiscal Responsibility for Donald Trump

Red Flag - Arrogant Ambition

Christian conservatives, if you are voting for Donald Trump, can you explain how, in good conscience and in the light of scripture, you have thrown your support behind a man who places arrogant ambition above submission to God?

I am dumbfounded trying to understand how conservative Christians could support Donald Trump as our nation’s leader.  A man who would wildly overspend millions of dollars – going into bankruptcy four times – for no other reason than to feed his addiction for more wealth and power.

During the documentary, Trump: What’s the Deal, there is a signature moment when Trump Tower architect, Der Scutt, points out that two 75 story towers could have been built more economically than a single 150 story tower; however, Donald Trump wanted to make a name for himself.  Trump’s arrogant ambition was a higher priority for Trump than fiscal responsibility.  Der Scutt observed the obvious fact that, “The only reason you would want to build a 150 story tower is for status.  Economically its insane.”

Trump encountered opposition to his plans to build this tower – to make a name for himself.  So, Trump commissioned a 4 volume Environmental Impact Study “proving” why his tower should be built.  This was a classic example of how Trump uses his political connections, the power of his wealth and environmental bureaucratic lever pulling, to get his way.  In the end, he turned his critics into his supporters.

Trump is used to twisting the right arms to get his way.  Anyone who thinks Trump is not a politician hasn’t paid attention – for one minute – to the circles Trump operates in to get his way.  Trump is the quintessential master of crony capitalism – the very thing so many of his supporters claim they are so desperate to end in Washington, D.C.  And they’ve let the king of the crony capitalist deal dupe them into thinking that he is their champion.  Trump is their nemesis and he’s playing his supporters like a crap game in one of his casinos.

The documentary, Trump: What’s the Deal, is worth watching because it shows how Trump operates, and makes plain his blind ambition.  It is well worth the hour’s time if you consider the leadership of your nation’s future to be as equally important as the amount of time you’d spend to research investing in a new home or car.  Watch the documentary and share it with your friends online.

Trump is a man who loves to build towers and who loves to make a name for himself.  People, if you believe scripture, then there is nothing new under the sun, including the blind ambition of men who seek power, who try to build their own tower to heaven in order to make a name for themselves.  Do we really need to learn the hard way again?

Donald Trump is NOT a Reagan Republican.  Donald Trump is a double minded man who has flipped almost every one of his positions all in an effort to secure the votes of Republicans.  There are better candidates – true conservatives – like Sen. Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, and Rand Paul.  I am supporting Ted Cruz, but whoever you support, please open your eyes to the fact that Trump shares more in common with Hillary Clinton than he ever will with conservatives.

Tim Keller
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Tim Keller has taught American History, World History, government, writing, speech and related courses at both the high school and college level since 1997.
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