America Needs a Fighter


Sen. Rand Paul has dropped out of the presidential race and endorsed Ted Cruz.  So, who remains standing on the field to defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution?

Marco Rubio used to look like a good candidate … in 2010.  That’s when I took him at his word when he said, if he was elected, that he would work to secure America’s borders against those who seek illegal entry.  I was stupid enough to contribute to Rubio’s 2010 campaign and I regret it deeply because Marco Rubio broke his campaign promise and betrayed the American People in 2013 when he cut a deal with the Gang of 8 to support Amnesty.  Rubio proved himself to be nothing more than a Deal Maker.  Washington, D.C., is full of Deal Makers because they come a dirty dime a dozen.

Which brings us to another candidate who brags about being a Deal Maker.  It baffles me every time Trump supporters brag about Donald Trump’s artful manipulations as a Deal Maker.  We don’t need a Deal Maker for president.  A president – as the Chief Executive Officer of the Law of the Land – must be a principled person who deeply understands, clearly articulates, defends, and upholds the U.S. Constitution. THAT IS THE NUMBER ONE DUTY OF THE U.S. PRESIDENT.  We currently have a president who knows the U.S. Constitution – like a thief knows all about the inner workings of the safes he cracks for a sleazy living.  Donald Trump is a Deal Maker – just like Marco Rubio – only Trump brags about how much better he is at cutting deals than anyone else.  He’s made millions selling books about all the deals he’s cut.

We don’t need no stinkin’ Deal Makers!

(I’m not even going to discuss the other RINOs in the race who didn’t even make double digit showings in the Iowa Caucus.  Let ’em keep running so they can waste their Progressive donor’s millions.  That actually helps conservatives over the long haul as Progressives drain their coffers.)

That leaves two authentic conservatives in the 2016 presidential race: Senator Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson.  And while I have a great deal of respect for Dr. Carson, he does not have a long track record of defending and upholding the U.S. Constitution the way Senator Ted Cruz does.  Carson lacks experience fighting in this type of arena.  Even the way he handled the “non-controversy” stemming from CNN reporting that Carson would not be campaigning for several days demonstrates two significant things: 1) Carson needs to learn how to deal with the press better.  You don’t let staffers tell reporters you’re taking a break during a knock down drag out fight for the presidency.  2) You don’t take a break from campaigning during a knock down drag out fight for the presidency.

Those two mistakes are grounds enough to question Carson’s effectiveness as a candidate for president.  Our nation’s survival will largely depend on the stamina of a presidential fighter who can go toe-to-toe, round after round, against America’s growing list of enemies – both foreign and domestic.  Taking a break during the primary?  That’s not going toe-to-toe, round after round.

It’s time for the lightweights to get out of the ring and let the time-tested, battle hardened conservative fighter lay down the law (constitutionally speaking, of course).

Ted Cruz doesn’t cut deals, and he doesn’t take breaks halfway into the first round of a title match.  Cruz’s ability to clearly articulate founding principles is reminiscent of Ronald Reagan – a true conservative fighter.  Reagan took the fight to the Soviets – and won – without setting off a nuclear war, even though the Lamestream Media kept predicting that Reagan’s fighting instinct would set it off with the Soviets.  Actually, it was Reagan’s fighting instinct, tempered by Constitutional principles, that put an end to the Cold War.  Like Reagan, Senator Ted Cruz has that combination of fighting instinct, deep understanding of Constitutional principle, and character that is sorely needed at this time in our nation.

In the days leading up to the Iowa Caucus, the Lamestream Media predicted that Cruz would kindle the anger of Iowans.  Just like the LSM predicted Reagan would set off the Soviets, the LSM said that Ted Cruz would set off Iowan farmers as Cruz announced he intends to cut ethanol subsidies.  But just like Reagan’s honesty and steadfast adherence to conservative principle established a relationship of respect with Gorbachev,  Ted Cruz told Iowa farmers what they needed to hear:  Free Market Economic principles work and its not the job of the federal government to pick economic winners and losers via subsidies.  Cruz’s honesty and articulate explanation of why government should not dole out subsidies (coupled with repealing hyper-regulation of the economy) didn’t set off Iowa farmers – it won them over.  Conservatism works when put into practice – and the GOP establishment would do well to learn that lesson.

Cruz consistently puts conservative principles into action over and over, toe-to-toe, round after round.  At a time when the next president could very well appoint two – maybe three – Supreme Court Justices, we need a Constitutional fighter who knows the process and who would make the best appointments to the Supreme Court; appointees who would defend the U.S. Constitution over the next few decades!

Let’s send a fighter into the ring to defend the Constitution against all challengers.  Ted Cruz IS that conservative fighter.


This post was updated at approximately 7:00 a.m., February 5, 2016, to include the following. Jimmy Carter has endorsed Donald Trump.  In the video below, Jimmy Carter explains what he considers to be the benefits of electing Trump over Cruz.  It should be an eye opener to Trump supporters, but don’t hold your breath.

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