A Tale of Two Foreign Policies: Armed GI’s OR Hunched Hippies and Hugs

Who we sent in '44 to deal with freedom's enemies.

Who we sent in ’44 to deal with freedom’s enemies.

June 6, 1944: American GIs stormed Normandy’s beaches under heavy fire as U.S. and Allied forces breached Hitler’s Fortress Europe beginning the long fight to Germany.  Americans in 1944 identified who threatened our freedom and met that threat with direct action.

My, oh my, how times have changed….

January 2015:  Jihadists murdered a Parisian magazine’s staff and murdered Jews in a kosher market shouting “Allahu Akbar”.  Obama’s knee jerk response was to label this a criminal act instead of a Jihadist act of war. Obama then refused to rally with other world leaders as a show of support in the streets of Paris.  Criticism poured in, but Obama denied he made a mistake.  Criticism was heaped upon criticism.  Finally, responding to the criticism (but never really to the Jihadist attack), Obama rolled out Secretary of State, John Kerry, to give big hugs to the French and proffered up a hunched over performance of a 44 year old ditty, “You’ve Got a Friend” by James Taylor.  Even the Progressive Left can’t believe their eyes (and probably covered their ears).

I apologize for actually posting this here, but, as they say, seeing is believing.  Who we sent in 2015 to deal with freedom’s enemies.

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